National Locum Tenens Week 2017

Happy National Locum Tenens Week!

It’s officially National Locum Tenens Week! Created by the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) for the very first time, Locum Tenens Week is dedicated to the important people behind Locum Tenens.

Growing quickly in recent years, the locum tenens segment of the staffing industry is essential to successful healthcare around the country. Back in the early 1970’s, a federal grant was awarded to University of Utah to provide the medical staffing industry to rural health clinics in underserved locations of the U.S. Proving extremely successful, hospital administrators and doctors starting calling for locum tenens staff assistance.

Now, close to thousands of doctors, physicians and healthcare centers work with locum tenens companies that supply services for outpatient medical centers, hospitals, government and military facilities, community health centers, and more.

This over twenty-year industry has made a real impact in the history of healthcare. From August 14-18, NALTO aims to recognize the important work these nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, and doctors do each day. Whether they serve a couple shifts a year or travel across the country on long-term assignments, locum tenens providers make a profound effect in the lives of patients while ensuring medical centers and facilities are run at top quality performance.

As a member of NALTO, KPG Healthcare is honored to help celebrate the first ever National Locum Tenens Week! How do you get NALTO certified? All NALTO members must operate in accordance with and are held to the top standards of professional conduct that surround business practices and ethics, with a focus on integrity, proficiency, honesty and objectivity.

Your go-to resource for all things Locum Tenens, KPG Healthcare is not only NALTO certified but a high quality, full-service healthcare staffing organization that places and recruits Locum Tenens doctors, nurses, dental providers and more in both permanent and temporary assignments across the nation.

Celebrate the locum tenens at your facility this Locum Tenens Week by acknowledging their essential work and the difference they make in healthcare as a whole!

KPG Healthcare is proud to be your go-to source for healthcare opportunities in the West, specializing in California. Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!