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Growing Demand

Nurse staffing solutions customized to your needs.

Gain Flexibility Without Sacrificing Quality

It’s never been easy to
balance the need for care with frequent nursing shortages.

When critical care demand increases, elective surgeries may go down. And with nurses increasingly specialized, it’s much more complex than shifting from one department to another.

KPG Nursing Is A Leading Nursing Staffing Agency In The U.S.A.

Our narrow focus enables us to address specific talent shortages by providing nurses with the specialized skills and the experience your organization needs and your patients deserve. We give you the resources you need to keep up with varying patient populations and access in-demand skills all while controlling staffing costs.

KPG Nursing Gives You The Flexibility To:

Our nursing recruiters will help you hire top talent in the U.S.A.

Our Services

Contract Nurses

Nursing shortages don’t need to keep you up at night with access to our travel and local contract nurses. You won’t be constrained by a lack of local resources. We recruit nationwide for nurses in a large range of specialties. They remain on our payroll, so you will never be surprised by hidden expenses.

Permanent Placement

Need to fill a full-time role on your nursing staff? Let us streamline your search for the ideal candidate. We’ll take care of all initial screening, credentialling and preliminary interviews. You choose from the best of those we present.

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