Large vs. Small Hospitals – Which is the best fit for you?

One of the hardest decisions for anyone pursuing a career in the healthcare sector is to decide which specific concentration to work in.  After that, the hardest decision becomes whether to work for a small or large corporation. There are pros and cons to both that are extremely important to take into consideration. Obviously, these don’t apply to all small or large hospitals across the board, but they do ring true for many! When KPG Healthcare places professionals, we want to make sure we find the best fit for you! It’s so important to consider all options when starting the job of your dreams – check out a few pros and cons of the size of your workplace below!

Small Hospitals

Working in a small hospital allows for a more intimate relationship with fellow nurses, doctors, and professionals. It’s likely that since the staff is smaller, everyone will be familiar with one another and there is more of a bond between everyone that works in the hospital. Smaller hospitals also tend to have a there is a better nurse to patient ratio. This also allows the nurse the ability to be more focused with their patients, which in turn, also allows nurses to see how much they are truly helping their patients. At a small hospital, a nurse will have many duties they would normally delegate, such as drawing blood and mixing their own IVs. This can be tedious to some, but it can be an advantage in helping hone basic skills.

Large Hospitals

Large hospitals can be great for their own reasons. Big corporations in general tend to provide greater benefits and better pay, and this is true of bigger hospitals as well. Large hospitals also serve more areas since they tend to have the most specialized units. This may seem like an odd benefit, but this allows nurses to expand their skill set in terms of learning to treat and provide care for patients with variety of illnesses/injuries that they might not see in a smaller, more local hospital. Larger, “name brand” hospitals, like any other well-known company, can also be a resume booster.

With all the different experiences, opportunities and environments small and large hospitals offer, it’s also important to consider your own career goals. Are you someone who in the medical field for financial security? Or are you someone who is passionate about providing compassionate healthcare?  It is essential that you be 100% honest with yourself about your goals and what motivates you in the workplace, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a job environment that you find miserable.

Considering environment and opportunity is important as well. Do you know what your tasks and expectations are and will you enjoy them? Is there an opportunity for your advancement within the hospital? Do you feel comfortable with the culture? Did you feel respected and welcomed by everyone? These are essential components to consider! During an interview with any hospital, remember that you are not only selling yourself to them, but these hospitals are also selling themselves to you. So don’t settle for something that is ultimately not the right pick for you.

The decision of whether to pick a small or large hospital is a critical and possibly life-changing decision that can alter the trajectory of your nursing career. While both large and small hospitals have their pros and cons, it is necessary that you are honest with yourself, with what want from your career as a nurse and what drives you. which will make it easier to decide whether to work at a small a large hospital. Taking the time to seriously consider all of these things as well as your experience visiting the hospital will only benefit you and will help you kickstart a great career at a hospital that is the perfect fit for you.

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