Flu Season is Upon Us

As the temperatures begin to slowly drop and the wind starts rustling the colorful leaves of the trees, Autumn comes with a not-so-fun gift: The Flu. Kids are back in school and are bringing home all types of germs, while office environments can be a fun place for the Flu to make it’s rounds. That said, we’ve put together a guide on how to approach Flu Season like a pro!



One of the most common pieces of advice that doctors have for preventing the flu is getting a flu shot. While the flu shot doesn’t 100% guarantee that you won’t get the flu, Dr. Brandies in an article from the NY Times states that “the vaccine’s [also] been shown to reduce the severity of influenza, [while] it also reduces colds and other illnesses in young, healthy working adults”.
Shots don’t feel good, but neither does the flu!

Other precautions you’ll want to take in avoidance of the flu are to:

  • Wash your hands frequently. We use our hands for everything and our hands carry a ton of germs. You’ll definitely want to use antibacterial soap to make sure you’re getting rid of any signs of the flu.
  • Keep disinfectant wipes at home and on-the-go. Wipe your commonly used hard surfaces at home often and pack some wipes to go to wipe down the inside of your car, desk at work or the cart at the grocery store.
  • Get adequate sleep! The more fatigued your body is, the less effective your immune system is going to be in attacking any viruses.

I Tried Fighting Off the Flu, but I’ve Been Defeated. Now What?

Although you have done everything in your power to try and prevent the flu, you were no match to defeat it. Now, you’re (hopefully) at home and looking for a speedy recovery. Here are some things that will help speed things up:

  • Fluids. Water, fruit juice and tea are highly recommended!
  • Rest. Hey busy-bodies, this means you, too!
  • Humidity. A humidifier will be your best friend if you’re having any trouble breathing through dryness and mucuc.
  • Fever-Reducers. Whether you take OTC medication to reduce your inner temp or you simply put a cold, wet rag over your forehead, make sure to try and get your temperature down when it rises to fight off the virus.
  • Lozenges. Sucking on lozenges helps coat an itchy and sore throat. You can also consume a spoonful of honey by itself or in a cup of tea to soothe your throat.
  • Salt & Water. Gargling salt and water helps ease inflammation in your throat and loosens mucus, as well.
  • Ginger. Put it into your tea or soup. This helps you sweat out the toxins in your body, which is helpful when you have the flu. Ginger is also helpful for settling upset stomachs, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats.
  • Essential Oils. Put essential oils in your bath or put a few drops on a hot/cold compress to rest on your forehead or chest.

The After-Math

After you’ve fought long and hard to get rid of it, you finally overcame the flu and are finally starting to feel like a functioning human being again.
You’ll want to get rid of the flu once and for all and to do that, you’ll want to do a power clean around the house.

Here’s what you’ll want to make sure to disinfect, throw in the wash or even throw out after the virus is out of your system.

  • Your bedding and sick clothes
  • Your toothbrush
  • Towels
  • Commonly Touched Surfaces ( Counters, door knobs, railings, light switches, etc.)
  • Electronic devices
  • Your steering wheel
  • Anything else you came into contact when you were under the weather.

We sincerely hope you and your loved ones don’t come into contact with the flu at all this holiday season.
Remember to make your way to the doctor’s office if your flu begins to escalate. The KPG Healthcare team wishes you a fantastic and safe weekend ahead!

Until next time!

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