Recruiter Spotlight: Omar!

KPG Healthcare is bringing back the Recruiter Spotlights! The first in our reboot, we have Omar from the Nursing Department!

Here’s Omar!

Omar has been with KPG Healthcare for a year and a half working as a Travel Nurse Recruiter. Graduating from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) with a degree in Biology, recruiting was never a career he planned for “but sometimes life takes you on different paths,” said Omar.

Omar interviewed at KPG Healthcare because one of his best friends, Tiko, referred him and told him to give it a chance. “It’s been one of my best decisions to date,” Omar mentioned. Nothing in life is ever planned out. Always expect the unexpected – and that’s what Omar did.

During his time at KPG Healthcare as a travel nurse recruiter, he found the most rewarding aspect of his job is being “able to help travel nurses reach their career and life goals.” Discovering their dreams at the beginning of the recruiting process and then helping them achieve it provides a feeling of accomplishment and bliss for Omar. 

However, like all successful careers, some difficulties arise in the role. For Omar, the biggest challenge is providing the most accurate information to all nurses. “There’s so much bad information out there,” Omar explained, “[…]You have to take the time to talk to your nurses and make sure they are informed in the best way possible.” 

With so much information on the internet, it’s difficult to navigate between facts and fake news. It takes time, perseverance and determination to follow through and deliver successfully. A skillset Omar has manifested toward his past and current travel nurses looking for new assignments. 

In his current role, Omar wishes to help as many travel nurses get the assignment they desire. Additionally, he hopes to grow intellectually and professionally to amplify his reach to other active travel nurses. Ultimately, he wants to assist more travel nurses to achieve their goals as he has for the past year and a half. 

When Omar is not in the office, he finds traveling is the best way to unwind or take a break from work. His dream destination would be to travel to Bali or Greece! He is also a big sports fan (Go Dodgers and Clippers!), a self-titled beach bum, and enjoys hanging out with friends and family. 

Omar, keep up all the great work that you continue to do for our travel nurses. We look forward to seeing where your growth will take you. 

“For all my nurses, I wish for them to have happiness and health. Success, money and job opportunities are all important too, but if you’re not happy then none of that matters! So, I wish all of my nurses happiness and good health!” ~ Omar

Omar’s Top 3 LA Recommendations:

  1. Catch a sports game – Go Dodgers and Clippers!
  2. Check out the beach cities