Top 5 States for Travel Nursing in 2021

KPG Healthcare's Top 5 Travel Nursing Destinations for 2021

2020 was a rough year, but we must look toward the future! That future includes this year’s Top Five States for Travel Nursing for 2021!

We selected the best cities based on previous findings, city lifestyle (things to do, see, and eat) and assignment offerings. Some basic facts about Travel Nursing salaries before we dive in, the national average weekly pay for a Travel RN in 2020 is $1,841/week (36 hours), according to Nursefly.

Let’s get started!



Up first is the Golden State, otherwise known as California. California has always been a top destination for travel nurses, whether it is for the sunshine, culture or food, California welcomes all nurses. The number of assignments allows nurses to travel from San Diego to Eureka all within a year.

According to Nursefly, in 2019, Travel RNs in California made an average of $2,837/week.

Top Three Cities:

  1. San Francisco
    • Plenty of opportunities to explore the dining, shopping and quirkiness San Francisco neighborhoods are known for throughout the world with a taste of the future surrounded by tech giants.
    • Average pay: $2,684/wk

      2. Los Angeles

    • LA’s life and blood the diverse number of cultures that have cultivated this coastal metropolitan city filling neighborhoods with culinary experiences, traditions, languages, ideas and ways of life.
    • Average pay: $3,018/wk
  1. San Diego
    • Beaches, food, drinks and fantastic weather. What’s not to like about San Diego? San Diego takes a more laidback approach to life as a city known for beautiful year-round weather, plenty of outdoor activities, cultural experiences and more.
    • Average pay: $2,957/wk

Texas travel nursing destination


The big ‘ole state of Texas is another top destination for travel nurses due to its growing economy and the cost of living being cheaper than West coast states. Texas has a lot to offer visitors, whether you choose to visit a major metropolitan city or head toward a smaller Texas town, you’ll always find something to do. We highlighted Texas as part of our Travel Series, you can check out that blog post here!

According to Nursefly, in 2019, Travel RNs in Texas made an average of $2,161/week.

Top Three Cities:

  1. San Antonio
    • San Antonio is not only the most visited city in Texas, but it’s a hub for multicultural experiences, an incredible culinary scene full of flavors of Mexico and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. 
    • Average pay: $2,347/wk

      2. Houston

    • Houston is home to several cultural districts, the largest in any one city, 10,000 restaurants representing over 70 countries and 50,000+ acres of park space, what’s not to like about this city?
    • Average pay: $2,260/wk

      3. Dallas

    • Birthplace of the convenience store, 7/11, Dallas is a great city for a travel assignment as a destination for Art Deco architecture, rooftop bars with delicious eateries, tons of outdoor spaces for recreation and unique neighborhoods like the Design District or Oak Lawn.
    • Average pay: $2,213/wk

North Carolina

North Carolina

Sitting between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina has become a top destination for young professionals, families and retirees. Coastal plains, which account for nearly half the state, 41 state parks, 10 national parks and four national forests, North Carolina is a destination for those who enjoy being in the outdoors. 

According to Nursefly, in 2019, Travel RNs in North Carolina made an average of $2,265/week.

Top Three Cities:

  1. Charlotte
    • From outdoor adventures to a “magnetic nightlife,” unique culinary experiences to a variety of shops, Charlotte is just one of the reasons to come to North Carolina.
    • Average pay: $2,754/wk

      2. Durham

    • Home to Duke University, Durham is a mid-sized city with an emerging culinary scene, a vibrant visual and performing arts scene, college sports and more! It’s a city with small-town vibes and city-sized opportunities.
    • Average pay: $2,242/wk

      3. Asheville

    • Nestled along the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville offers visitors a bohemian vibe with locally sourced cuisines and beverages, great hiking trails and other outdoor activities. If the Obama’s can come to Asheville, I think you can too.
    • Average pay: $2,292/wk

Nevada travel nursing destination


Nevada is best known for being the gambling and entertainment capital of the U.S., but as a state with more than 80% public land, Nevada also offers 24 state parks and two national parks ranging from rugged terrain to snowy peaks, deserts to windows to the past. Sounds like an outdoor enthusiasts’ playground, don’t you think?  

According to Nursefly, in 2019, Travel RNs in Nevada made an average of $2,664/week.

Top City:

  1. Las Vegas
    • An internationally renowned resort city primarily known for its gambling, entertainment, dining selections, nightlife and luxury shopping. Las Vegas offers more than just a night out on the town with nearby state parks, uniquely Nevada museums and an indoor theme park – to name a few.
    • Average pay: $2,542/wk

Florida travel nursing destination


Best known for its beaches, everglades, theme parks and weather, Florida has become a top destination not only for retirees but for young professionals looking for an amazing culinary scene, exploration and fantastic weather. Did we also mention Florida has NO state income tax?

According to Nursefly, in 2019, Travel RNs in Florida made an average of $2,467/week

Top City:

  1. Miami
  • The third most populous metropolitan city on the East coast, Miami boasts an incredible nightlife scene, blissfully warm weather, delicious food and the city is heavily influenced by Latin-American culture! Sounds like a good time to me!
  • Average pay: $2,608/wk


And with that, this concludes KPG Healthcare’s Top Five States for Travel Nursing in 2021! KPG Healthcare offers nationwide assignments for a variety of travel nursing specialties.

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