Top 10 Destinations for Travel Nursing Jobs in the US

top 10 destinations for travel nursing jobs in the us

Embarking on a nursing career is a journey filled with compassion, dedication, and a thirst for new challenges. For registered nurses (RNs) seeking to elevate their careers and instill excitement into their professional lives, the US offers diverse and thrilling locations. From the coasts of California to the mountainous terrains of Colorado. Travel nursing jobs can be found nationwide. Let’s explore the top 10 locations where travel nurses can immerse themselves in a world of healthcare opportunities and personal growth!


The healthcare sector is dynamic, offering a mix of professional advancement and the chance to explore a variety of healthcare facilities, from urban hospitals to clinics. Travel nursing jobs are in abundance in CA from San Diego to Eureka, and everything in between. No matter what you’re looking for in your next travel nursing assignment, there are options for everyone in the Golden State. 


Texas presents a range of opportunities for nursing professionals. Cities such as Houston and Dallas, Texas provides a mix of urban vibrancy and affordable living, creating an environment for career growth and a taste of Southern charm. Specialties like Labor & Delivery and Emergency Room are in high demand for smaller communities outside the major Texas cities. 

New York

Travel nurses find themselves at the epicenter of healthcare innovation. With renowned medical institutions and the buzz of city life, this state is an exciting place to forge a rewarding career. There’s much to do outside the city life if you’re looking for something a little bit more quiet. Head to Upstate New York to enjoy all the natural beauty the state has to offer to visitors. There are travel nursing jobs throughout the great state of New York, and even it’s neighboring states!


Warm weather and a diverse population make it a hotspot for healthcare careers. Whether working in metropolitan Miami or along the Gulf Coast, travel nurses can find opportunities for professional development amidst a backdrop of sun, sea, and palm trees. Big on theme parks? Orlando is the place to be to enjoy all the great theme park attractions from multiple options! Travel nursing jobs in Florida can be some of the best.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s Southern hospitality and expansive healthcare sector, creates an inviting atmosphere for travel nurses and all traveling professionals. With a lower cost of living, this state offers professional growth and a chance to explore picturesque landscapes. Enjoy North Carolina’s beautiful coastal towns or head to the sister state of South Carolina for more opportunities. Travel nurses love coastal states and North Carolina is one of them!


Arizona has transformed the state into a golden opportunity for medical professionals. Beyond the bustling cities, the unique natural beauty of Arizona becomes a canvas for professional fulfillment and personal exploration. Travel nurses flock to Arizona for its great weather, beautiful landscapes, and great opportunities throughout the state. Travel nursing jobs in AZ guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


Home to prestigious hospitals, travel nurses can immerse themselves in a state that values education, research, and the pursuit of healthcare excellence. Witness real American history as you walk through the streets of Boston, or enjoy a more relaxed coastal life in Provincetown, KPG has plenty of travel nursing jobs in MA to choose from. 


A booming healthcare industry and lower cost of living make Georgia an appealing destination. The state’s diverse communities provide a tapestry of experiences for those eager to make a difference in various healthcare settings. Big fan of food? Atlanta is known for its amazing culinary scene with some of the best soul food in the nation. Finding a travel nursing job in GA is easy, it’s a matter of when can you start?


With its central location and growing healthcare sector, Ohio provides a launchpad for travel nursing careers. In this heartland state, a commitment to healthcare education and community health initiatives creates a nurturing environment for nursing careers. Find your next travel nursing job in OH with KPG Healthcare!


Where adventure meets healthcare in a unique fusion, Colorado offers an ideal destination for those seeking professional satisfaction and an exhilarating experience. Cities like Denver or Estes Park sit along the Rocky Mountain National Park, which offers visitors a look into the natural beauty the US prides itself on. 

The journey for nursing professionals in the US goes far beyond the walls of healthcare facilities. It’s an adventure that spans from coast to coast, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth! Whether it’s the skyscrapers of New York, the desert landscapes of Arizona, or the southern charm of Texas, the top 10 locations for RNs promise a ride in the pursuit of a fulfilling and impactful nursing career.