Nurse Feedback

Why nurses choose to work with KPG Nursing.


I love KPG. I recommend to everyone. Staff interested in travel. Other travelers. Seriously I love you guys.

Mason M., 2022

I loved my time with KPG. My recruiter Natalie was very professional and friendly, and always accommodating.

This has been my best traveling experience so far, & I would definitely recommend to other nurses.

Zena M., 2022

My recruiter Kayla is truly amazing.

She not only sets me up with contracts that suit me best but she shows a genuine interest in my satisfaction with the hospitals I’ve worked in.

And she’s always there to answer my questions and to help me with any job related issues

Job Seeker, 2022

I am currently on my 3rd contract extension with KPG.

With this being my first travel contract, KPG has been very efficient.

My recruiter, Trinity, was there to assist me every step of the way and made me feel comfortable with the decision I had made to start travel nursing.

My intake process was explained thoroughly.

Every question I had was answered promptly.

Summer L., 2022

Love our recruiter, Kayla.

Job Seeker, 2022

Great staff and they make me feel like I am important and that I matter.

Job Seeker, 2022

This has been a great experience! Everyone I’ve worked with has been very helpful and kind!

My job in Hospice is difficult so feeling supported by my company is a huge priority for me and KPG has exceeded my expectations!

Trinity was my first contact and has been my greatest supporter! So grateful!

Ashlee R., 2022

My recruiter is great. She always tries her best to cater to my requests. She is very professional and values her nurses very well. Well mannered. Jovi, you rock!

Novelita L., 2022

Excellent recruiter named Edgar. He’s always quick to respond and resolved issues in a timely manner. He goes above and beyond when dealing with people out of my reach.

Job Seeker, 2022

My recruiter Hayden is amazing!

Natalie N., 2022

Friendliness, very quick response time. Patience in explaining what needs to bed done. Trinity has been amazing!

Job Seeker, 2022

Top reason my experience was so great was because of my recruiter, Tyler C. His communication skills are top notch.

He always responds right away and answers whatever questions I might have or resolves any issues I’m experiencing.

Jonica P., 2022

I feel fully supported by my agency

Viviana T., 2022

It’s been a pretty good experience

Job Seeker, 2022

Emily rocks!!

Job Seeker, 2022

Jovi is awesome! She responds to all my questions promptly and even reaches out from time to time to see how I’m doing.

Nichola from payroll has also been great at helping me with issues regarding pay and timecards.

Evan C., 2022

Recruiters are well versed with jobs and quick to respond

Job Seeker, 2022

My recruiter Daniel does above and beyond for me! He’s great!

Joni S., 2022

My awesome recruiter Kayla!

Job Seeker, 2022

I like that my recruiter Hayden is easy going, direct and if he doesn’t know the answer, he always checks with someone else to get me a thorough answer

Haley F., 2022

From the beginning I mostly felt you guys helped me find positions and I appreciate how nice my recruiters are awesome thank you

Lucia P., 2022

My recruiter Jon is awesome and responsive. The payroll division is also very helpful and responsive. I feel taken care of.

Ariel W., 2022

Overall satisfied

Job Seeker, 2022

Everyone has been helpful. Communication has been great

Job Seeker, 2022

All has gone smoothly

Tracy U., 2022

The awesome communication between recruiters and the quick responses are key for me

Job Seeker, 2022

First time working with this company and everything has gone well so far.

I liked how my recruiter AnnMarie stood by me and advocated for me when the hospital tried to make me work night shift when I was contracted for dayshift.

She is an excellent and responsive recruiter that represents KPG very well.

Marlowe F., 2022

I have a great recruiter and all my issues were properly taken care of.

Mandy M., 2022

I really like KPG and their service.

Ana B., 2022

My recruiter is excellent. Always checks up on me, keeps me updated with changes ahead of time and my concerns were sorted out in an opportune time.

Job Seeker, 2022

Meagan was a great recruiter. She was always checking in on me and available to answer any questions. I can tell that KPG cares about their nurses!

Job Seeker, 2022

I have truly enjoyed working at my assignment and all interactions with KPG staff.

Job Seeker, 2022

Excellent company.

Kimberly P., 2022

I appreciate KPG’s professionalism and dedication to assisting me in a streamlined process to obtain work.

Job Seeker, 2022

Great company!

Job Seeker, 2022

No issues

Hugh V., 2022

Have worked with KPG healthcare for almost 5 years and I love it!

Job Seeker, 2022

Reliable, and kind, I trust my recruiter Emily and manager Omar with finding the best contracts for me.

They always check in on me, always answer my questions.

The hiring process was smooth and renewing contracts has been seamless.

Appreciate them all!

Brandi P., 2022

Tyler made my entire 1 year assignment essentially flawless.

I’ve never had a recruiter so responsive.

All extensions were approved and signed immediately!

Sara B., 2022

KPG provides me with multiple work opportunities and ultimate flexibility. They work around my schedule and always look out for me.

Jasmine P., Per Diem RN

What I liked most about working with KPG is that I was more than an applicant. Despite applying for multiple positions over many months, my recruiter kept in mind my specific requirement to be near the border. During the application process, she kept in touch to let me know what positions were opening.

Chip B., NP

I have yet to find a better travel company compared to KPG. Their staff is trustworthy, resourceful and are always looking out for their nurses. They also have the best paying contracts. I would recommend KPG to anyone looking to travel nurse.

Rylee M., Travel RN